Contributions of Educational Theorists

Fathiya Barkadle, M.Ed.
3 min readAug 7, 2020

Educational theorists transformed instructional designs to prepare and develop a responsible citizen who will be an asset for the society.

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Educational theorists lay crucial part and model significant role in how teachers design their daily instruction. As learned throughout this course, there are plethora of teaching theories and models that every educator can follow to teach effectively in a managed classroom.

However, applying theories or models are not the only factors needed in classroom, but there should other things to take into consideration. In addition to theorists’ framework, home life and social factors are among other things that educators should take into consideration for setting up a safe environment for all students.

To illustrate that, I will focus on how two renowned theorists: Fritz Redl and William Glasser from different era and walks of life. These individuals contributed to education by establishing a space where every student is expected to thrive in classroom.

In this article, “Reclaiming Redl’s Wisdom”, the author explores on how Fritz Redl approached on effective leadership styles and building controls within the practice. In other words, Redl’s contribution to education and the development of young people in general enlightens educators how to create care settings that ensures early interventions for troubled teens. Most of his careers was focused on organizing residential treatment and intervening early to establish working rapport.

As Becker, J. (2009) stated: “and the youth need to be inspired to participate in appropriate Service opportunities on behalf of the group and the community, so as to develop a sense of their own worth and value as emerging citizens and their connectedness to their fellow human beings and the world.” This indicates that the philosophy of Fritz Redl main goal was to urge people the importance of continued research about adolescents’ resilience in their early stages of life and how they can be acquired knowledge and become as innovative in this world.

Nevertheless, Redl’s contribution to education in the twenty-first century impacted positively schools to discipline and gave the confidence to control from different mindset compare to traditional classroom management style…



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