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“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Acquiring second or more languages shouldn’t be just memorizing grammar, but you’d have to start living on it. For example, being interactive with real natives of the particular language that you’re learning is imperative. This is how you will be introduced to the culture, idioms, expressions, and so much more.

Many of us dream of being able to effortlessly converse in many languages. Let’s face it — multilingualism is a widely desired trait. It’s a key that unlocks new cultures and ways of thinking. The benefits are…

How could we bring serenity in our life?

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According to a simple Google search engine of the definition of morale is to: the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.

Even though we might live in a hostile world, and perhaps encounter with life obstacles. It is not simple, but make sure you put yourself first at all costs. Whenever our morale is high, we often feel dignified and fired up to be productive at anything, and this is important for our day to day productivity.

I have been documenting the following tips in…

~Establishing an everlasting relationship with ourselves.

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Even though we might live in a hostile world, and perhaps encounter with life obstacles. It is not simple, but make sure you put yourself first at all costs. I have been documenting the following tips in my journal, and I can wholeheartedly say these tactics worked for me and still work. I believe that we ought to live in happiness and have self-respect for our own will.

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”
Confucius, Sayings of Confucius.

Respect: When we respect ourselves, this sends a positive signal to our brain which…

Educational theorists transformed instructional designs to prepare and develop a responsible citizen who will be an asset for the society.

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Educational theorists lay crucial part and model significant role in how teachers design their daily instruction. As learned throughout this course, there are plethora of teaching theories and models that every educator can follow to teach effectively in a managed classroom.

However, applying theories or models are not the only factors needed in classroom, but there should other things to take into consideration. …

Overcoming the challenges of language barriers and breaking through my comfort zone.

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Reflecting on language and literacy experiences bring back one of the most beautiful and memorable moments for most of us, especially when parents are involved in your education. For example, my mother has been a key integral in my education and she taught me at home three different languages (Somali, Amharic, and Arabic) which I’ve always found fascinating and resourceful until this day.

I interviewed my mother who was my primary educator and still is for her traditional proverbs and wisdoms that she enlightens with me and my siblings. …

An interview with teachers and what they had to say about proven tips for classroom management.

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As a service profession, my primary mission of education is to teach and guide students with research-based classroom management; in order to meet their needs and strive in their best education goals. As a result of that, it is important to effectively respond to students’ needs in preparing to become a responsible citizens and work-ready.

Teachers and school administrators should be equipped with techniques for classroom discipline such as facilitating restorative justice or Inner-Discipline. …

Re-examining two methods of teaching: teacher vs. students centered.

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Teacher-centered approaches varies from educator to educator, and it is a method practiced in different modes depending on the teacher’s experience or content expertise. For teacher-centered technique, the teacher is the center of all the attention and students are expected to exclusively listen and engage in uniformly design.

For example, lecture only for an hour could be more a teacher-centered procedure because of the limited teaching style approach. In other words, students have none to limited academic discourse and collaborations among each other. However, for classroom activities each student works independently and assumed to complete assignments or projects.

On the…

Be unique and artistically driven for all students!

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English language has been the lingua-franca since the Empire of Great Britain, the literacy development of this language has expanded throughout the world.

Several countries around the world set one of the official language as English and it became essential language skill to possess as personal and professional level. However, day to day English exposure through social media, movies, or other methods of communication is insufficient to gain effective communicative and academic language.

From examining the findings, it is essential for any classroom to be literacy-rich environment with print-awareness, especially for newcomer students with limited English language proficiency. …

The world needs a passionate soul to take care and lead with integrity for all learners.

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What does a compassionate teacher mean to you? Well, a compassionate educator is someone who wholeheartedly believe the value of education and philosophy of ethics in education. Fostering a culture of compassion in educational environment means to instill every student that they have a role model in schools. A compassionate educator builds and creates the kind of culture that ensures respect and tolerance.

Practice & Preach Simple Tactics of Care! Whether someone is a classroom teacher or administrator, he/she should model acts of compassion…

~What is like to be an inspiring teacher that you always want to be?

“I have learned that, although I am a good teacher, I am a much better student, and I was blessed to learn valuable lessons from my students on daily basis. They taught me the importance of teaching to a student and not to a test.” ~ Erin Gruwell~This is one of my favorite quote as an educator. This is the meaning of inspiring teacher and the nobility of being in a teaching profession.

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Lessons from inspirational teachers include:

  1. . Treat teaching as a noble profession.
  2. Embrace all students and promote growth…

Fathiya Barkadle, M.Ed.

Lifelong learner, English Teacher by day, and Blogger.

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